Tips to find a great Baton Rouge SEO company

SEO in Baton RougeAre you in Baton Rouge Louisiana and looking to market your website? If you are then you will be taking advantage of thousands of people that are searching the internet everyday in the Baton Rouge area. Many people call this SEO or search engine optimization. It simply means that the company you hire will be ranking your website in the Google search results locally. So if you are a plumber then you want to show up for the keyword “plumber in Baton Rouge”. You have to be cautious when looking for a Baton Rouge SEO company. Just like any business there is always people that claim to be experts and are waiting to take advantage of you.

So where to start? First I would not hire anyone who isn’t ranking in Google on the first page. Think about it. How can they help you if they cannot help themselves. Many companies claim to be experts that will just outsource the work to other companies just to keep a percentage of what you are paying them. Also many of them don’t know what they are doing. So start your search by looking in Google. Then talk to several providers. Many of them will want to put you into a contract. Thats another thing that is silly. Why would they want you in a contract if you are benefiting from their service. What I’m saying is if you are making money from their SEO service why would you want to cancel? Pick a company that doesn’t require a contract. There are also many services that will rank you for free then you only start paying after you are on page 1 of Google. That is the best value because you don’t have to pay for months with no results.

Finally make sure the phrases that you will be ranking for matter. Make sure there are people that are actively searching for these terms. Many companies will try to rank you for very easy keywords that don’t get searched for much. For example there is a huge difference in the amount of people that type in “best baton rouge plumber” compared to “Baton Rouge plumber”. So take your time and if its too good to be true then it usually is a scam. What you really need to look for is a company that is either ranking in Google or can show you proof of his customers rankings, you want referrals, you want a no contract agreement, and you want them to rank you before you start paying. That will reduce the risk for you and only highly qualified providers will respond to those demands. For more information about Baton Rouge SEO services visit:

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